We ensured flexibility in this modern office build and fit out project, by constructing a variety of work environments to specification provided by the interior design team at Liqui. We installed social areas with comfortable seating, enclosed spaces for individual and small group tasks, quiet nooks for meetings, and rooms specifically designed for video calls with colleagues and clients. This range of spaces accommodates hot desking, creative interaction, collaboration, and socializing. The inclusive design of the office promotes employee wellbeing.

Our human-centred approach to construction creates a workspace where people are eager to come, work, and spend time. This, in turn, enhances staff retention and attracts new talent, fulfilling the client’s goals.

"Liqui’s modern office design for Sika’s headquarters, is focused on flexible working and workplace wellbeing"

Briggs completed this office build and fit out which showcases a central touchdown zone for team gatherings and individual tasks, boasting a bespoke high table equipped with advanced connectivity and an acoustically engineered canopy. Sustainable custom lockers offer staff storage solutions during hot desking periods.

We installed tailored desks featuring integrated cable trays, wireless charging capabilities, and pop-up chargers are complemented by acoustic considerations throughout the space, including sound-absorbing seating and pod sofas. Hot desking was installed according to employee preferences, emphasizing a human-centric approach to enhance overall wellbeing.

The entire project—from demolition to decoration, electrical work, documentation, and health and safety—was expertly handled by our team. The incorporation of custom lighting and bespoke furniture crafted in Britain adds distinctive value, offering clients a comprehensive turnkey service for a complete office fit-out solution.

"The interior draws on classic Scandinavian and mid-century influences, while using a muted colour palette and natural materials."

The transformation of the Sika office was a collaborative endeavour between Liqui Design and Briggs which underscored open-plan and sustainable design principles, placing a strong emphasis on bespoke furniture solutions. Integrating cutting-edge technology with artisanal craftsmanship, we installed a range of custom pieces, including secure lockers, seamlessly integrated storage cabinets, efficient hot desking solutions, collaborative meeting pods, and comfortable, eco-friendly seating options. The design process seamlessly blends precision CNC machinery with traditional craftsmanship, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to sustainable design practices.

Utilizing advanced CNC technology, the Liqui team meticulously cut and detailed materials to exact specifications, upholding the highest standards for sustainable office furniture. This was followed by painstaking handcrafting and precise installation by Briggs.


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