Demitasse is another of our joint projects; with Liqui responsible for both the coffee shop interior design, Briggs the fit-out, while our creative agency, Crate47, took care of the branding. Providing our clients with a fully integrated service like this results in a truly harmonious brand experience where the brand, the interior design and build team work in unison with each other. By handling everything in one place there is a back and forth flow of ideas between all disciplines involved in the process. We believe that this leads to a greater degree of continuity throughout the whole project right through to the interior fit out. It was this holistic approach that the couple behind Demitasse found very appealing when they chose Briggs to collaborate with in pursuit of their dream of creating one of the best coffee shops in London.


'A fully integrated service that results in the brand and interior working in unison, expertly pieced together by Briggs'

Exemplified by the minimalistic front counter with its coffee mod bar in prime position, our coffee shop interior design for Demitasse has speciality coffee at its core, although it’s just as inspired by the elegant tea rooms of high-end hotels and modern wine bars as it is by coffee shop design itself. Its timeless, classic look makes it well suited to its location on Wimbledon High Street. The interior of this sophisticated coffee shop has an air of restrained luxury, with refined details matched to high-quality materials enriching the clean lines of its minimalist aesthetic. With pale marble flooring throughout, it has a light and airy feel despite being a fairly deep interior. This is further enhanced by a large skylight over the dining area at the back where an abundance of indoor plants with soothing green foliage create a relaxed atmosphere. Antiqued mirrors set behind the banquette seating reflect the cloud-like textures of the Venetian plaster on the adjacent walls. This wall finish recurs elsewhere tying the various spaces of the coffee shop interior design together.

This is complemented by original artworks displayed on plain white walls divided into sections by backlit fluted oak panels which are replicated within the bespoke front counter design. The warm wood tones are in harmony with the muted hues found in the materials and finishes of the custom furniture throughout the coffee shop interior. These are set off by the brass highlights found in such things as the counter’s pendant lights and the subtle brand marque on the white wall behind. The inside/outside feel, exemplified by the skylight at the rear, is greatly enhanced by the bi-fold, oak-framed doors at the front that open onto the outside seating area set back from the pavement.

'Liqui created all of the distinctive modern furniture and lighting for the interior.'

All of the distinctive modern furniture and lighting for the coffee shop interior was created by Liqui in addition to the design and fit out itself. Besides applying custom colours and finishes to existing ranges, Liqui can also create completely bespoke furniture for specific interiors. With Demitasse, high-backed, semi-circular banquette seating has been designed featuring classic tuck and roll leather upholstery with the same grey leather being used on the new club chairs. These are also seen here finished in one of our sustainable fabrics in a subtle shade of green complementary to the foliage. Having the ability to create bespoke fixed pieces such as the banquette seating and coffee bar design underlines our intelligent use of space while maintaining a continuity of style throughout any coffee shop interior design.


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